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Taste of Home – The Fish Fry

Posted by margaretpeterson - July 24th, 2012

My mom has been an amazing cook for as long as I can remember.  My sister, Julie, is too, and she is the one responsible for getting Mom’s recipes in the Taste of Home magazine.  As I read the article again, I had to smile.  It brought back so many memories of our times up at the lake and of growing up in my parent’s house.  It really is true; my mother actually did bring my father his cup of coffee and newspaper every morning while he was waiting for breakfast!  And the breakfasts she made!  We would eat Denver sandwiches, blueberry pancakes or waffles before I went to school.  I don’t know why we were not overweight…although now that I think about it, it was a long walk to school.  Anyway, my friends could not get over all the meals we had at our house. My dad always said good food was not something the family was going to cut back on.  If corners needed to be cut, well, they were going to be cut in another area.  We were raised to eat three good meals a day, and to this very day, I rarely miss one.  It was a nice way to grow up.

Please click on the link for the article and the recipes for the fish fry dinner that is served every summer at the cabin up north.  The recipes include Mom’s Fried Fish, Crunchy Floret Salad, Parsley Red Potatoes and, of course, her Apple Crisp.  I will post more recipes on the blog in the future.


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