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In this busy world, we seek ways to soothe our spirits amidst the trials and tribulations everyone faces from time to time. The Pearl of Great Price includes poetry that is meant to encourage during difficult times or rejoice in God’s faithfulness, while other poems are reflective or simply share the joy of nature’s beauty. Whether life is full of sun or shadows, it is the author’s hope that the book will speak to the heart of every reader.


About the Author

Margaret’s love for poetry began as a teenager when she and her sister, Dolly, would exchange notes in rhyme to explain how the evening transpired with their respective dates. Eventually, Margaret began writing poetry for people who were getting married or celebrating other special moments in their lives.

Three years after Margaret turned her life over to God, she was inspired to write spiritual poetry to lift the soul. Nearly thirty years later, Margaret remains a prolific writer who never runs out of words to express her faith in a poetic manner - a manner, which she hopes, will draw hearts closer to God.