Source: Fr. Augustine Serafini, Priest and Monk of the Community of Our Lady
The Pearl of Great Price was aptly named by author Margaret Peterson, for she humbly mined the Scripture for that enduring expression of our Savior. Indeed, her sheaf of spiritual poetry draws its depth from Holy Writ itself. Only days away from a pilgrimage to the far away Island of my ancestors, I drew particular and fresh concepts and encouragement to make a difficult journey from “A Traveler’s Prayer”.  
May God continue to inspire Mrs. Peterson’s lovely art.

Source: J. Barokova, Ph.D., Brno, Czech Republic
I admire your poems and the beautiful pictures in your book. I will read and translate your poetry into the Czech language.

Source: Sally E. Stuart, founder of the Christian Writers' Market Guide
“Because poetry books are difficult to get published, it is a wise poet who does not become discouraged, but takes the publishing of her book into her own hands. However, it is rare to see one as lovely and professional as The Pearl of Great Price: Spiritual Poetry to Lift the Soul. Poet Margaret Peterson sees God in all that surrounds her each day and brings Him into focus for her readers through her poetic responses to His love and care.” 


Source: Mary Ritten, Member of League of Catholic Women
A beautiful soul is revealed in the hopeful, down-to-earth poetry composed by Margaret Peterson. The evocative floral photographs accompanying the poems enhance the power of each poem and add to the reader's spiritual enjoyment. League of Catholic Women members enjoyed hearing Margaret and her daughters, Jeanne and Kathy, discuss the impetus and inspiration behind the prayerful words and lovely pictures. This trio is sure to provide an enjoyable and heart-lifting presentation for any women's group.


Source: Rev. Thomas Heier, C.M.M., editor in chief of Leaves magazine.  
"I have been publishing Margaret Peterson's poetry for a number of years already.  Besides being reverent, it always lifts up one's spirit and fascinates one's imagination with descriptions of ordinary things in life by homey language and attractive images.  It reads like a spiritual meditation.  I recommend it unreservedly."


Source: Kian K. Dwyer, Founder, World Help Organization
Author, Living Your Chosen Eulogy: Live Today How You Want to be Remembered
Spiritual Significance! Over 20 serene, full page color photos with inspirational, spiritual poetry simply and eloquently written – opening the gateway to bring us closer to God.
I’ve read Margaret Peterson’s The Pearl of Great Price for the second time and am engulfed with a deeper spiritual awareness and connection with God.
Those who have read Rick Warren’s, The Purpose Driven Life, will enjoy The Pearl of Great Price as a wonderful companion, guiding us to keep motivated and inspired to stay on the spiritual path with God.
The Pearl of Great Price brilliantly transcribed words can be taken as deep as one’s faith or level of spirituality.
This non-denominational treasure can be appreciated by all walks of life – the young or elderly, the student or teacher, those searching for wisdom or those expounding their insight.
Margaret Peterson’s spiritual poetry connects us with our soul, moves us through life’s journey of trials and tribulations, lifting our spirit, and encouraging us to see our purpose and live more meaningful lives.
Romans 12:1-8 tells us that God transforms us into a new way of thinking. Peterson’s poetry transforms us to see how we can share our gifts by servicing our friends, family, neighbors, and ultimately God.
The word of God transforms us. Peterson’s script opens our hearts to receiving God’s grace, to have faith, and to grow in our beliefs. It is through this process that transformation takes place. When we are transformed within, we are able to influence others and are able to transform the world, one step at a time.

Source: David Tank, Editor, The Lutheran Digest
It’s been a joy to share Margaret’s positive and uplifting poems over the years with readers of The Lutheran Digest.  She’s been one of our favorite poets.


Source: Rev. Dr. Robert D. and Diane F. Johnson
"The Pearl of Great Price: Spiritual Poetry to Lift the Soul" reminds one that pearls in the ancient world were far more valuable than diamonds and other precious stones. So too with the book "The Pearl of Great Price: Spiritual Poetry to Lift the Soul."  What else is more important than the health and well being of the soul? If the soul is in a harmonious state, the bodily health will be good as well. So for those who know of the value of "mindfulness" of the union of body and soul, we highly recommend the book, "The Pearl of Great Price: Spiritual Poetry to Lift the Soul." May you be blessed in the devotional readings shared in that book.

Source: Robert Zyskowski, Associate Publisher/General Manager, The Catholic Spirit
There is surely simplicity in some of her poems, but others carry wisdom -- and do so with great economy.

Source: Joan Rojas, St. Paul, MN
The poetry is accessible and beautiful and set on pages adjacent to gorgeous photos that transport one to those warm cozy times of your childhood learning about God for the first time. Reading this book was like sipping a favorite tea by a raging fire on a cold night so comforting and reassuring. I spent as much time reading as I did reflecting.

Source: Patty S., Farmington, MN
Margaret (Peggy) Peterson's poems will uplift and inspire all who have the opportunity to read them. It is a privilege to know and to be inspired by such a wonderful woman.

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