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Silent Beauty

Posted by margaretpeterson - February 13th, 2015

Nevis, MN



When all the world was sleeping

God told the sun to rise

And spread a glad awakening

All across the skies.


It started out so softly

Then grew and grew in glory

Till all the sky was telling

A page of God’s love story!


Would that we could waken

And read a page or two

Our lives would then reflect Him,

The God of every hue.




Posted by margaretpeterson - October 23rd, 2014

Photo from The Tyler Garden

Once a year on Thanksgiving Day

Across our mighty nation

People gather to thank the Lord,

The Lord of our creation.


It doesn’t matter what food we eat

It matters if each thought

Is filled with grateful thankfulness

For life and lessons taught.


Invite the Lord of all the harvests

To join you at the table

And bless the food you have prepared

As only He is able.


He’ll not only bless the food

He’ll bless you as you pray.

We’ll feel just like the Pilgrims did

That first Thanksgiving Day!


Golden Autumn

Posted by margaretpeterson - October 22nd, 2014


Photo by Kathy Tyler



Everywhere you look in autumn

There’s a touch of gold,

Shimmering in the lovely sun

In beauty manifold.


King Midas would rejoice if he

Could spend each golden leaf!

We know that making all things gold

Can only come to grief.


Richer is the love of God.

Free for everyone!

No one need be poor if he

But choose to love God’s Son.


Could autumn’s gold be just a hint

Of beauty we will see,

While strolling Heaven’s streets of gold

For all Eternity?

Delicate Spring

Posted by margaretpeterson - April 10th, 2014

Photo from The Tyler Garden

Delicate spring

With its delicate ways

So winsome and lovely

And worthy of praise.


Lilacs, so fragrant

And deeply appealing

Our open admiration

Softly comes stealing.


Springtime surrounds us

With sweet blooming flowers

Gardeners now hasten

To garden for hours.


Oh Lord of the springtime

And of our hearts, too,

Thank you for beauty

That comes straight from You!

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Real Living

Posted by margaretpeterson - March 16th, 2014

Photo from The Tyler Garden



There’s a grace and a beauty to living

When Christ the Lord leads the way;

There’s a wholeness and gladness in giving

That comes from the heart every day.


There’s a cheer as we walk toward Heaven,

Knowing that our future lies

In serving the One who made us,

And blesses the one who tries.


It’s being aware that each moment

Has purpose and value within,

And every new day that beckons

Is just the right day to begin!



Our Individual God

Posted by margaretpeterson - March 9th, 2014

Keweenaw Peninsula, MI / Photo by Christopher Jahnke

God is an individual God

Who cares for you and for me

Each one is special, a one of a kind

And He loves us infinitely.


He calls each one of us by name

He calls each one His own

He cares how each would spend their day

And cares if each has grown


Never think that you don’t matter

For you have a part in His plan

That only can be done by you

No other person can.


We can rejoice in being us

And having a loving Creator

Who wants us to love Him back in return

And love Him sooner than later.


What is Peace?

Posted by margaretpeterson - March 9th, 2014

Nevis, MN - Photo by Jeanne Theberath

Peace is a more than an absence of war,

It’s an inner calmness that stays

Long after time that was spent with God

Has freed us from worrying ways.


In the midst of life’s turmoil, He is there for each one

He is as close as a prayer or a thought

Helping us grow from the cross that we carry

While learning the lessons He taught.


God loves each one as an only child

Jesus, His Son, loves us too…

And the peace that flows from the both of them

Is there for me and for you.


Forty Days

Posted by margaretpeterson - March 9th, 2014

En route to the Ngorongoro Highlands, Tanzania. Photo by Jeanne Theberath


Forty days of barren desert

Forty days of hostile land

Forty days of scantest water

Parched dry lips and burning sand


Perfect for complete communion

With His Father so worthy of praise

This would fit Him for His mission

It would take Him forty days.


Our desert may be spiritual

But still is very real

The prayers we say, the acts of kindness,

The Mass at which we kneel


Our close communion with our God

Our seeking to give Him praise,

This prepares our soul for Easter

It will take us forty days.



Thank You, God, for Everything!

Posted by margaretpeterson - January 18th, 2014


Photo from The Tyler Garden


Thank You for the golden days

When life is free from strain.

Thank you for the darker days

That have a thread of pain.

For all the pain You give to me

Makes me kneel in prayer

To You who made the universe

And know my every care.

I find that when I bend the knee,

It’s then my will bends, too,

To Your great will that knows what’s best

And cares if dreams come true.

When my will is in tune with Yours,

My life becomes a song

That’s sung in two part harmony

And angels sing along.



Posted by margaretpeterson - March 30th, 2013

Photo from The Tyler Garden


When God can seem to take too long

To hear our heartfelt prayer,

It doesn’t mean He hasn’t heard

Or simply doesn’t care…

Rather, like the Bible says

Take this as a sign;

The mill of God grinds very slow

But also very fine.

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