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The Resurrection

Posted by margaretpeterson - March 29th, 2013


Photo by Kathy Tyler


Tell me dear Jesus, how did you know

Exactly when to arise

From where You were lying asleep in the tomb

Far away from harsh cries?

Did angels croon to You soft songs of love

While weeping at what they saw

Weeping in pain at what had happened

When men had broken God’s Law?

But now it had come, Easter morning

Before the first hint of dawn,

Triumphantly, by Your own mighty power,

Life surged and cruel death was gone.

For You were both God and man at once,

You had overcome death

You, alone, would roll back the stone

Now You had life and had breath.

The soldiers fell back, as dead men they lay

Where was their power to guard?

Jesus of Nazareth, they thought to be slain

Could this be a job that was hard?

Yet who could control God, Himself?

He was more than He seemed to be

Now He lives on, never to die

And dwells in our hearts, glad to be.

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An Atheist

Posted by margaretpeterson - March 29th, 2013

Photo from The Tyler Garden

An atheist looks at a lovely flower

And says, “A flower I see.”

Someone of faith says, “I see the work

Of the Creator of you and me.”

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Easter Morning

Posted by margaretpeterson - March 29th, 2013

Photo from The Tyler Garden



Three days had passed since Jesus had died.

Still, in the tomb He lay…

But now the heavy stone rolled back

It was Easter Day!

Out he strode magnificently

The soldiers fell back as dead

Told to guard what couldn’t be guarded

What would Pilate have said?

Jesus had overcome cruel death

He proved He was God and Man

Though it was hard, He had obeyed His Father

It was fulfilled, God’s Plan.

He strolled to a garden where Mary was weeping.

“Mary” was all that He said

Here was her Savior!  He had risen!

Jesus had come back from the dead.


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Why Did God Make Flowers?

Posted by margaretpeterson - February 23rd, 2013

Photo from The Tyler Garden


Flowers are for happiness

The smile of God we see

Filled with fragrance of His giving,

Blessing you and me.

Are the flowers a hint of Heaven?

A beckoning for all

To think of God and live for Him

And hear His tender call?

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A Traveler’s Prayer

Posted by margaretpeterson - April 23rd, 2012

Ilha Bela, Brazil / Photo by Jeanne Theberath


Whenever I travel

By land or by sea,

I always invite God

To travel with me.

For He is the One

Who created it all…

The tiniest star,

Each mountain so tall.

This is the One

With whom I would share

Each traveling moment,

Each traveling prayer.

And when I come home,

I look back and say,

Thank You, dear God,

For blessings each day!


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